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My entry in this weeks Daily Post photo challenge. Temporary stairs to the Utrecht (The Netherlands) Central Station.


Rhingia campestris – snuitvlieg

This is supposed to be the Rhingia campestris, easely recognizable by his distinctive long snout. So in dutch he is called ‘ordinary snout fly’, but I don’t think that name is used in english as well.

Dit is de gewone snuitvlieg ofwel Rhingia campestris. Gemakkelijk te herkennen aan – jawel – zijn lange snuit.



Wooden fences around building sites are usually covered with advertising and graffiti, but sometimes an effort is made to make them look pretty. The first two pictures I took some years ago in Utrecht centre where the architects visions of what was going to arise were painted on the fences.
P1020131 . P1020132
The next picture was taken in Utrecht too a few years later. It is a wall surrounding a big shopping centre that was – and still is – being renovated. In my view a clear example of transmogrifity.
Finally a shot I took in France where someone had brightened up his garagewall. Not as  sophisticated as the examples above bit still a very nice effort I think.

Sanderlings – Drieteenstrandlopers

I posted about these birds before. I have to capture them whenever I see them. They are so cute and funny the way they behave. There were hundreds of them at the beach of Terschelling this year running along the waterline looking for shellfish and little crabs to eat.

Ik heb al eerder foto’s geplaatst van deze vogeltjes. Ik kan het niet laten ze te fotograferen als ik ze zie en er waren er honderden op het strand van Terschelling dit jaar. Ze renden langs de golven op zoek naar aangespoelde schelpdieren en kleine krabbetjes.


They was mainly shellfish and little crabs on the menu.
Er stonden voornamelijk schelpdieren en kleine krabbetjes op het menu.



Saterday  October 1st, while I happened to be on holliday on the isle of Terschelling, it was Eurobirdwatch day, BirdLife’s annual birdwatching event in Europe. Well, on the beaches of Terschelling there were plenty of birds to watch:

Zaterdag 1 oktober, terwijl ik toevallig op Terschelling met vakantie was, was het Eurobirdwatch dag, het jaarlijkse vogeltel evenement waar tienduizenden vogelliefhebbers in heel europa (trek)vogels gaan tellen. Nou op het strand van Terschelling waren genoeg vogels te zien.

DSC_0338 . DSC_0351

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare

This is my entry in the Daily Post weekly photo challenge of this week.

Usually when I post a picture of a flower with an insect, the insect is the main subject. But this time it is all about the plant. This is a Whorled Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum verticillatum) and very rare, at least here in the Netherlands.
The flowers grow in clusters around the upgoing stem, while the flowers of the much more common Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum multiflorum) in the second picture hang in rows from the underside of the horizontal stems.
DSC_4330 . DSC_4278