These sweet and idyllic images of little ducklings could go straight into a childrens picturebook. But the reality is not so nice. These two are only one or two days old and already 8 of their siblings have been eaten by predators. So these little ones will probably be gone in a day or so too.





3 thoughts on “Ducklings

  1. Fabulous images,sweet and tender scenes !!!
    Life becomes so cruel occasionaly … Unfortunately, ” your death my life ” as an old motto says …

  2. Nice photos – but it is a pity that there are blown highlights on the duck’s back. I have been getting the same trouble in strong light and a more experienced friend told me about Neutral Density that fit in front of the camera lens. They work very well; toning down the light but not losing shadow detail. You can always recover a photo that is dark – but if the detail is blown away by strong light, you can not get it back – even in post-processing. The best kind of filter system is like those made by Cokin :-). Your work is brilliant -shame to lose some of it to blowout.

  3. Sorry, that should read – Neutral Density Filters – sorry I have dyslexia and miss words out sometimes 😦

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