Did I already complain about the fact that this year we are having the most dreary, depressing, cold and wet spring since the
beginning of history? I probably did. As a consequence there are hardly any bugs available for shooting while snails on the other hand…..Zillions!



Now when shooting a bug the main thing is to try and get the eyes in focus, but with snails that is a different matter. They have their eyes on sticks which are pointing in different directions. So I have to choose. Either the snail itself is in focus or the eyes:




6 thoughts on “Snails

  1. I like both images. Good color, tonality and decent framing.

    I see in your 2nd image that it was taken at 1/125th at f/8 and ISO 400. The 1st one was at f/8, too.

    Bump the ISO to 800 in the 2nd one and you could easily take the picture at f/16 or f/22 and get a lot more DOF.

    I appreciate that you want to highlight the tips of the antennae but they are to small in the image to stand on their own… imho.

  2. Thanks for your comments Azleader. You are right. I could easily have used a smaller aperture. Especially as I was using flash at least in some of the shots . But I was snapping away without thinking, as usual ;-( Though I must say I almost never go smaller than f/16 because then diffraction will set in.

    1. What prompted me to comment was I was just took some flora macros within the last couple weeks and I actually got more DOF than I wanted. LOL!!!

      This example wasn’t overdone, but here is a pure 1:1 flora macro I got decent DOF with:

      It was shot outdoors in shade at 1/30s, f/22.0, 100.0mm and iso800.

      1. That is a great shot. Maybe I shouldn’t be so afraid for f22.
        BTW you have some stunning macro’s on your pbase account. Great stuff!

  3. Mooie foto’s ! En die ogen …… I know hahahahaha . Ik ben vandaag zelf ook de tuin ingedoken en mooie plaatjes kunnen schieten . Ik heb een macroring uit een setje eens toegepast op mn kitlens @ 50mm . Schitterend resultaat , mits de belichting goed is . Het is en blijft een kunst ( en geduld ) om dit soort foto’s te maken , prachtig !

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