Sunday Stills challenge: Pets

As I have already posted some pics of the dog recently and my cat goes into hiding as soon as he spots the camera I will have to make do with some shots of my tank inmates for this challenge. Not that I consider fish to be real pets as they are not really ‘pettable’ but they are creatures I look after and enjoy watching.





14 thoughts on “Sunday Stills challenge: Pets

  1. hahaha the last one reminds me of the little guy off finding nemo – who cleans all the time in the dentist fish tank 🙂
    these are awesome, i know how hard it is to capture fish photos, so well done 🙂

  2. I love your fish and your gorgeous photos! It’s not easy photographing moving fish through glass and water. Are the fish in the second photo catfish? I used to have some in my previous fish tank and they did a terrific job at keeping the bottom clean.

    Oh and yes they are pets. I liked what Wikipedia said:
    A pet is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment or a household animal, as opposed to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or sport animals, which are kept for economic reasons.


  3. You did amazingly well capturing these fish on camera!
    I know what you mean, though, I keep forgetting that my turtle is actually a pet.

  4. Ze zijn in ieder geval gehoorzaam, ze gaan mooi voor je ‘zitten’. Ik kan ook heel lang kijken naar een aquarium, prachtig die vissen. Je hebt ze goed ‘gevangen’ op de foto.

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