Sunday Stills – Fins, Feathers and Fur

The fins bit should have been relatively easy for me as we have a fish tank in the house, but it still took an awfull lot of patience as even the most boring of fish becomes a nervous swimmer the moment you point a camera at it. But I finally managed to get a few in focus:



These are our feathers. A couple of hens that have great fun together but refuse to lay eggs an a regular basis, thus endangering their own lives. I already showed them my book with chicken recipes but they were nog impressed. Insulent creatures!


Finally, as my regular visitors already know, my favourite bit of fur:



16 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Fins, Feathers and Fur

  1. Wat heeft Joris een ondeugende blik. Leuke hond.
    Ik wist niet dat je ook tokkelateurs had. Het lijkt wel of die rechtsonder een toepetje heeft. Goed gelukt de foto’s van de vissen. Is de onderste familie van de donderpad?

  2. Great pics! I love the goby sitting on the bottom of the tank. I have a hard time getting fish pics too as they seem to whiz by as soon as I steady the camera.

  3. Prachtige serie heb je gemaakt van jullie “veestapel” Steffie.
    Compliment voor de foto’s, die je van het aquarium
    heb gemaakt…. dit is toch een vrij lastig onderwerp,
    om te fotograferen.

    groet Harry

  4. Oh! Your fish photos, especially the goby were awesome. It’s tough to take photos through glass of moving objects. You did good. And your hens are some beautiful ladies! They look very cozy up there together, huddled as if gossiping. Lovely dog, too. I like the angle that you shot that photo. Great job!


  5. Beautiful Photos! All of them! Fish photos are awesome, the chickens are so lovely–you seriously can’t eat them. Come on gals, lay some eggs!!! And your furbaby is very sweet!

  6. :-DDD Zie je al zitten voor het aquarium en lokkende visgeluidjes makend….!
    Ze zijn mooi gelukt!
    Gezellige kippetjes ook, maar die laatste steelt de show….zo braaf in zijn mandje:-)))

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