The Dress

The dress has been on display outside the little antique shop for a couple of months now. Personally I would feel silly wearing a dress like that, but I happen to know that it is the dream of almost every 10year old girl in town. I am afraid though that by the time they have grown enough to fit into it they will feel much the same like me and the dress will remain unsold for a very long time.



9 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. I dont know anything about the dream, but I like the dress and the frame very much. Very 70′-80’s like. With all those antique things around, ofcourse its in an antique shop. Still…
    It reminds me of Cinderella! lol! 😀

  2. Ewen prachtig stilleven heb je gemaakt Steffie..
    Ik zou deze wel es in zwart / wit cq sepia willen zien..
    Want ik denk, dat de foto dan nog beter tot z’n recht komt.

    groet Harry

  3. I picture the person wearing it to be going to a Mozart concert in the 17-1800’s and then dancing the night away. All the pic needed was a hand fan…:-)

  4. Oh, how this photo brought back memories. When I was a very young girl my Aunt gave me several dress to play “dress up” in and one of them looked just like this. I can remember dancing the night away – no, Ed, not back in the 17-1800s, but in the ’50s. I had a vivid imagination and a lot of fun with those dresses. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Zo, ik heb nog wat in te halen, maar dat is soms/vaak erg leuk dat je
    gewoon een trip maakt door de log van een favoriet.
    Zoals je in het verhaal bij deze foto schrijft over de tienjarige, kijk
    ik eens om me heen. En als die tienjarigen van nu nog een jaar of zes
    ouder zijn, dan betwijfel ik of de dames hier ooit in gaan passen.
    Ik deel trouwens de mening van Harry. Sepia zou heel mooi staan.

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