Sunday stills – The Open Road

I love playing with my camera when I am driving and not behind the wheel myself. Afterall what else can you do 😉 It is amazing what kind of quality you still can get when shooting through the windshield whilst driving 120 km/h.




15 thoughts on “Sunday stills – The Open Road

  1. If only my windshield was clean enough to shoot while driving. lol!

    Yours turned out wonderful. I love the texture and movement with the rain along with the sunlight making everything sparkly.


  2. Steffi, great shots! Most of the time, I can’t take clean shots like yours! My windshield is always dirty cause I parked underneath the trees at the “Park & Ride” in the train station!

  3. Great shots. I do the same thing when riding with my husband. And he parks in the garage so his windows are always clean. LOL

  4. Nice shots. I love the water spray from the tires. I always travel with my camera and take shots while hubby drives. I really bugs me where the windshield is dirty and I see something I want to shoot! 🙂

  5. Echte hollandse snelwegplaatjes, mooi met dat opspattende water!
    Verbaast mij ook altijd hoe goed dat lukt vanuit een rijdende auto……heb 99% van de foto’s van Zwitserland vanuit de auto gekiekt…;-)))

    @ Ja, ik had nog wel wat closer op de libel willen kruipen- de pootokseltjes bijvoorbeeld…..:-)
    wat leuk dat jij Italië ook wel zou willen ‘watchen’. (krijg geen emailnotificaties van reacties meer binnen, dus las het daarnet pas:-(
    Was gisteren op de Fotograficamarkt hier in Doesburg en dacht gelijk: hier zal vast wel bij zijn voor Steffie’s verzameling…..;-)))))

  6. Great atmospheric road shots! I can’t shoot through my windshield–it’s always covered in dust, smashed bugs, bird droppings, dog nose prints, and has cracks from road rocks. And this is our nice vehicle!

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