Sundays stills challenge – fences

From every challenge I learn something new. This week’s made me realise that I live in an almost fenceless place. I saw hedges, ditches and some barbed wire but no fences to speak of. Untill at the last moment I remembered the nearby sluices. Now there you have fences:


a closer look:


when you turn around you see the canal that is services by those sluices:


From a different viewpoint: more fences.



12 thoughts on “Sundays stills challenge – fences

  1. Mooie serie heb je gemaakt van dit sluizencomplex Steffie.
    Vooral de bovenste heeft een prachtig lijnenspel
    waardoor de foto meer diepte krijgt…

    OT: de foto van de wc’s is geen bewerking..
    Ze staan daar prachtig op een rijtje.

  2. It is so neat to see fences unlike those I see from day to day, whether it is from my own travels, or in this case seeing yours from another country! Thanks for sharing them!
    I loved your macro bugs in previous posts too!

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