Sunday stills – toys

Talking about toys I immediately think about my gear as photography is my main passtime:


Ever since I got interested in old manual focus lenses a couple of months ago my collection has been growing rapidly. Hunting them down is a major part of the game. And of course they all need to be tried, tested, compared and experimented with. It is almost like work!
If anybody is wondering how a Nikon and a Canon can stand so brotherly together side by side, that is because my mf lenses – even de Nikon ones – don’t meter on my Nikon. So I was ‘forced’ to buy a Canon body, even though I did expect lightning to strike when I first mounted a Nikon lens on a Canon camera.


11 thoughts on “Sunday stills – toys

  1. Now that is what I call a healthy hobby 🙂 lol all I have is a Canon + 2 lenses, though is kinda hard to expand without a job yet! I’d be like a kid in a sweet shop with all that, wondering what to take to a photo trip abroad. Heck, take it all, who needs clothes?

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