I had to be in Amsterdam this week which gave me a great opportunity to do a bit of streetphotography. The city is awash with tourists now, all waving their little cameras, so I just had to pretend to be one of them and nobody took any notice of me me.


Their main passtime, apart form gazing at the prescribed sights, seems to be taking pictures and eating:


drinking beer at the corner of the street


and did I mention eating?



4 thoughts on “Tourists

  1. thanks for your comment, i’m very excited for my new lens 🙂
    i have noticed the price of cameras & lens’s are going up
    i mean, i got my d90 in january & already here in 6 months it’s gone up $850 for just the body alone! it’s crrrazy

    what’s amsterdam like(?) my partner has put that on our places to visit list, lol
    is it like the movies portray(?) – do people realy do drugs in the average bar & not get into trouble lol!

    these are nice shots, i love the candid/ness

  2. Aaaahh een mooie serie straatfoto’s laat je zien Steffie
    En de keuze in Zwart / wit is helemaal top..
    Je foto’s zijn stuk voor stuk helemaal puur..

    groet Harry

  3. These are brilliant, would love to visit a tourist city for this very reason. In this small hometown, I always feel I stick out like a sore thumb when I’m trying to take photos. Everyone notices me when in fact I’m trying to blend in! That last shot is priceless! You took these with a TZ5 digicompact? I’ll have to put the SLR down for a day, and be more stealthy with my compact 🙂

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