Sunday stills – tricolor

I must admit that I was not thrilled when I read the details of this weeks challenge. As far as colours in photography are concerned I think that less is definitely more. But of course that is generally speaking. There are lots of exceptions. So then I suddenly remembered an experiment I did a couple of months ago, making macro shots of waterdroplets on a cd. An almost completely colourless subject untill I fired that flash and suddenly all sorts of great colours came out:





19 thoughts on “Sunday stills – tricolor

  1. oh fuck you for being amazing

    this is the best set of water drops i’ve ever ever seen! totally stunning, love the star effects & the colours
    superb entry for sunday stills
    you’ve got my vote xo

  2. Not being quite as verbally colorful and Chloe and Ed, I have to say these pictures are amazing, and very beautiful I love them.

  3. WOW!!! These look beautiful! I love how the color is captured in each droplet! Great job.

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