The birds in the garden are so busy building nests and defending their territory that they don’t have the time to worry about humans with their camera’s. Unfortunately they also don’t have the time to sit still for more than a quarter of a second. That goes especially for the chiffchaff I was chasing today. Very frustrating to find this tiny fellow so near so often and still nog being able to take a decent shot. Well here are my best efforts:




6 thoughts on “Chiffchaff

  1. hey steffie, the waverunners are extremely fun definitely get the adrenaline pumping 🙂 as for 105mm micro, i’m holding out until i’ve been to hongkong in november because i can save myself almost $900AUD 🙂
    these little guys are too cute for words & well worth your frustration

  2. Vooral de onderste foto is prachtig vanwege de mooie DOF..
    Maar ook vanwege de composite..
    Kijk dat vogeltje eens kijken….

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