My new old lens

I am developing a passion for ‘antique’ Nikon glass. Old Nikon lenses, made at the time when Nikon was still a respectable brand that made products for professionals only , can now be had at eBay for relatively little money. They still do a great job on a modern digital dslr. You will have to focus and meter manually but after a little practice that is not so hard as it sounds.
My newest toy is a 135mm F2.5 made in the late sixties of the last century. Today I took it for a testdrive to our messy little harbour:


This is a detail of a boat that is being restored. Judging from this pic the end result will be better than new:



3 thoughts on “My new old lens

  1. Fantastic shots! Old glass works well. Do you shoot film or Digital? I host a weekly photochallenge Called Sunday Stills, its pretty fun if you are interested. The link is on my blogroll.
    Thanks for the comment on my page.

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