Today I spotted the first hoverfly of the year in our garden and though last summer I swore never to shoot another hoverfly again, I really enjoyed getting my macrolens out againand have a go at this fellow.



6 thoughts on “Hoverfly

  1. Thats a real cool macro photo Steffie. The sharp details and the focus is spot on. Temme about your camera and the lens you are using.


  2. Too Cool!!!! Once again, what kind of macro do you use? Tube extenders? I love my Sigma 105mm but it tends to leave the edges out of focus..:-)

    1. Thank you Ed and Nivin,
      I used a D40x with a Tamron 90mm for this picture. I used to have a sigma 105 too but switched to the tamrom because the latest version has an autofocus motor. I have some regrets though, because altough the tamron is a fine lens I hardly use the autofocus and I do miss the extra 15mm of the sigma. So now I often use extenders but that has its drawbacks too.

  3. oh my oh my(!)
    that’s an unbelievably awesome photography 😀
    i read you’re using the tamron 90mm, i’m thinking of getting the nikkor micro 105mm so i can take amazing macro’s like this

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